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My little guy LOVES Toopy & Binoo, it's a cartoon and I have to admit it's pretty cute. I think it's only aired in Canada so it's hard to find toys for it. In the show Binoo is a stuffed toy cat but is also Toopys best friend and they go on a lot of imaginary adventures together.

I wanted to crochet a little Binoo for my son, so I purchased a pattern from this shop on etsy

I'm fairly new at crocheting stuffies but really enjoyed working on this project, the fun part is I could finish a body part in a night so it always felt like I was accomplishing something. I found the pattern to be pretty straight forward and easy to follow and the end result turned out perfectly!!!!

My Little guy LOVES him and knew exactly who he was as soon as he saw him.

Now because this turned out so well my next project is going to be making a Toopy Costume for Halloween, there are no patterns for Toopy so I'm going to attempt to adjust a different pattern. I will post my Toopy Costume adventure in stages as I get started.


mmmpeppermint 20 October 2014 at 06:49

Hi im trying to crochet Binoo for my grandson and am having trouble with the magic circle and the ears any hints?

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